Your New Alumni Web Site

It would stand to reason that the Internet address for the Marietta College Alumni web site would need to be, but if that were the only update to such an important URL, wouldn’t it be as Peggy Lee suggested in her 1969 hit song?

“Is that all there is?”

“With all due respect to Ms. Lee, there is much more to this electronic makeover than a new suffix,” says Associate Vice President for Alumni and College Relations, Hub Burton.

“Through the creative and energetic efforts of the Alumni Relations staff, MCAA Board, and our new Director of Web Services, Chris Law ‘10, I believe we’ve made some solid strides in providing a more refreshed and engaging site that invites repeat visits from even the most ardent alumni who believe they’ve seen it all.”

Visitors to the new site will immediately notice sweeping changes on the Alumni Front Door including graphic headlines that highlight events, services, and programming initiatives.

“We’ve long sought a way to really promote and market our offerings and initiatives,” observes Associate Director for Alumni Relations Ann Foraker Nicely ’03. “With this new format, we’ve got the perfect marquee so that when it’s time to let Pioneers know about Homecoming or a new service or the accomplishments of one of our own, we have the a new center stage and bright lights for its presentation.”

But wait, there’s more!

Beyond capacity for marketing messages and updated and refreshed news items, the site features new navigation designed to quickly guide Pioneers on their way to the information they seek most including details on how to become involved in such recently introduced programs as the Young Pioneer Network and Regional Associations.

“A big part of our outreach involves promoting opportunities for alumni to become engaged and involved with their alma mater,” notes Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Aleece Dye ’11. “Being able to effectively move our graduates to a source of new and updated information is a critical aspect of any future success we hope to enjoy.”

Bringing a web site to life is no small undertaking no matter what technological advances aid in the effort and the Alumni Relations staff had to take a big breath before launching such an enterprise.

“We’re committed to making certain this web site launch isn’t a one-time wonder and that means dedicating ourselves to its vibrancy and relevance every day,” promises Burton.

“It’s like rotating the produce at the supermarket. You won’t have to tell us when it’s time for some fresh Navy Blueberries!”