Marietta College Alumni Association

The mission of the MCAA is to build upon the common bond of enthusiasm, loyalty and service of alumni and friends of Marietta College to establish a community of support for the academic, campus life, fundraising and enrollment efforts of the College. Marietta College alumni can elect to volunteer their time and expertise by serving on the MCAA Board of Directors.

Letter from the chair of the Marietta College Alumni Association Board of Directors

Dear Fellow Pioneers,

It is hard for me to believe, but when I arrive on campus in October it will be my final Homecoming as chair of the Marietta College Alumni Association. While I am not going away — I care way too much about our alma mater to just fade away — I do want to thank my fellow MCAA Board members for their support, as well as the continued support of The Long Blue Line.

I have also enjoyed representing the MCAA on the College’s Board of Trustees. Being a part of the search for Marietta College’s 19th president was exciting and eye opening — and let me assure all of you we found an outstanding leader in Dr. William N. Ruud. I hope you will join me in welcoming him into the Marietta College family.

One thing I’m especially looking forward to this Homecoming is the dedication of the boathouse, which has undergone a major renovation. Thanks to the generous support of alumni and friends of the College, Marietta’s boathouse will now serve our alma mater as a recruiting tool, as well as a wonderful home for all of our rowers.

Maintaining a vibrant and productive connection between the institution and its alumni is very important work and taken very seriously by those who volunteer their time to serve on our MCAA Board of Directors.

I have been fortunate to serve on the board for five years, wow how time flies. The MCAA continues to be a productive group that is working to represent every member of The Long Blue Line, while providing insight and hard work to contribute to the overall betterment of Marietta College. I’m excited to chair such a dedicated group:

  • Patty Bain Bachner `77
  • Tim Bennett `85
  • Jocelyn Crum Brooks `85*
  • Amanda Burtt `02
  • Marianne Candido `85
  • Keith Coleman `77
  • Janice Downey Donoghue `75*
  • Brooke Exley `11
  • Frank Fleischer `71
  • S. Jason Gromelski `98
  • Susan Hauck-Bell `85*
  • Jack Hopkins `65
  • Adam Kopp `88*
  • Tia Knowlton Lane `98
  • Dan Leonard `85
  • Rocco Manzo `59*
  • Jennifer Roach Offenberger `86
  • Stephanie Esparza Peloquin 06
  • Elizabeth Houser Stelzer `96*
  • Jazmyn Barrow Stover `06
  • Chris Zernick Suter `84*
  • Mark Vizza `98
  • Travis Wells `97
  • Kathy Wilcox Lentner `97

* signifies new member for FY17


Looking forward, there is no shortage of work remaining to be accomplished and we are working with members of the College on a weekly basis leading up to our homecoming meeting.

From time to time, I will be reaching out to share news of our progress and direction and would welcome your feedback on the job we’re doing on your behalf.

Please know that we take our positions at your representatives very seriously. Feel free to send me any and all comments or feedback at: or preferable let me know your thoughts while we are on campus at our Homecoming Celebration. If you haven’t yet, you can register for Homecoming or other event by visiting -


Andrew Ferguson ’95
Marietta College Alumni Association