Marietta College Alumni Association (MCAA) Board Member

The mission of the MCAA is to build upon the common bond of enthusiasm, loyalty and service of alumni and friends of Marietta College to establish a community of support for the academic, campus life, fundraising and enrollment efforts of the College.

Marietta College alumni can elect to volunteer their time and expertise by serving on the MCAA Board of Directors. (Nominations to the Board are due by the February meeting.)

MCAA Board Member Expectations

Time: Agree to a 3-year commitment

Frequency: Attend two annual Board meetings on the Marietta College campus and be available for phone/email consultation and committee work throughout the year. Meetings are typically held at Homecoming and one is in the spring/February, timed to coincide (but not compete with) Trustee meetings where possible.

Attendance Policy: From our bylaws, "If a Board member misses three (3) consecutive MCAA meetings, s/he will be asked to resign from the Board. Allowances can be made for special circumstances."

Financial Commitment: Each MCAA member is expected to make an annual financial contribution to the College via the Annual Fund and/or the Senior Challenge Program. An exact sum is not mandated.

Contributing a donation to the Senior Challenge/MCAA Match program, where MCAA members match the total raised by graduating seniors for their class's donation (typically $60-100 per MCAA board member annually), is expected as a minimal gift.

MCAA Board Member Job Description

  • Understand, support and abide by the MCAA board's mission and expectations
  • Attend and participate in MCAA board meetings and alumni-oriented events
  • Give to the College financially, as your individual circumstances allow
  • Keep informed about Marietta College's current status and future goals, recognizing and respecting that the College has changed since your attendance
  • Give input for policies, roles and responsibilities that the MCAA is charged with or should choose to undertake
  • Build awareness of MC and MCAA activities and purpose with fellow alumni, professional colleagues, family and friends
  • Avoid self-dealing and conflicts of interest in fact and appearance; consider the good of the future of Marietta College as a whole
  • Respect the integrity of the board process, supporting board decisions when they are made
  • Respond to MCAA and MC inquiries or invitations on a timely basis